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The whole point of this post is to share the love.  I love my new Born This Way Too Faced foundation…and I am honestly a pretty picky customer.  (I am also not compensated, in any way, for my opinions or anything you link to from this site.)

I love makeup;)  What girl doesn’t?  But I don’t like to look overly made up – no cakey makeup, super bright colors, just not me.   I like to look natural, classic – I call it “me but better”;) I’ve tried LOTS of brands over the years, and have even sold some.  But over time you buy enough/try enough, and make enough mistakes, that you stop searching for the “best” item and use something you think works well enough.  Stop.  Well enough doesn’t cut it ladies!  Good makeup is expensive…so it needs to be GREAT!

I had never tried the Too Faced brand before last summer.  I wanted to get my daughter some makeup for her birthday and I was shopping around for a few things to make a little gift basket for her.  One of the places I popped into was Ulta.  There was a college aged girl working in the makeup section who had very light skin, much like my daughter, and her makeup was  f-l-a-w-l-e-s-s.  Her skin looked perfect, even coverage, with a nice glow.  She honestly could have been in a magazine;)  So, I waited for her to finish with a customer and asked if she could tell me what she was wearing because I thought it would look great on my daughter.  She was SO sweet!

She took me over to the Too Faced display and picked the second to lightest shade they had….and they have a ton…28 different shades now!  I tried it on the back of my hand to see what the consistency was.  Although college aged girls have very little to hide on their skin, except blemishes, this makeup had great coverage!

She then took me over to their display of brushes, which could be slightly overwhelming, if you didn’t know what you were looking for.  She showed me a “blurring brush” she applied her makeup with.

Hmmm…honestly I was super skeptical.  I’ve always found applying with fingers to be best.  I’ve tried several sponges folks have raved about, and wasn’t happy with the amount of product they soaked up or the fact that they sometimes wiped off too much, or left too much.  I also tried a brush a long time ago but the bristles were too long and it felt more like painting than putting on makeup.  I didn’t think I wanted to pay $25 for another lesson.  But this did look different, round, lots of hairs on the brush…I mean LOTS! And they were short.   And my tour guide said she used it every day and my daughter could bring it back if she wasn’t happy with it as long as I kept the receipt.  Ok.  The nerdy mom in me was satisfied. And it was her birthday.

My daughter loved her gift!  I added a new mascara and a lip gloss to the foundation and brush and put it in a little basket.  And she loved the foundation!  It was so much fun watching her put it on to see how it looked;).  Who knew makeup is like getting a gift twice;) We did go back to Ulta the next day to get my daughter one shade darker in the foundation, which they happily exchanged. (Love no hassle!)  But the combination of the foundation and the brush are really what made the difference.  The coverage looks like it was put on with an airbrush.  Now, I understand you may not always want your skin to have that kind of coverage, but when you do, this is the combination that you should try! (I’ll do a post on my favorite tinted moisturizer another day.)

I liked the way this makeup looked so much I went and bought myself some of the foundation and a blurring brush this fall when she went to college…and took all of her stuff…and half of mine;)  My advice for moms – or women with – ahem- older skin -is to wash your face and apply a good moisturizer first.  Let it dry and then apply your foundation with a blurring brush.   The foundation may look a little dry at first, but let it settle… by the time you get where you’re going… it will look GREAT! I’ve received a number of compliments on my “skin” and I have to say, it’s not my skin, it’s my new foundation…but THANK YOU;)   I am very happy with this foundation and with the brand so far.  I will definitely try some other products of Too Faced!

Here is a link to the Born This Way Too Faced Foundation at Ulta.  Here is the link to the blurring brush I bought at Ulta.   I do not receive any compensation for my opinions or anything you purchase. 

If you try it I hope you like it!!

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