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Are you looking for the best deodorizing foot and shoe powder?  I found myself Googling foot powder a few months ago.  My daughter was in Boston dealing with lots of snow, heavy layers of clothing, and several pair of boots, that were great in the cold, but too hot sitting for hours in a lecture hall.  I told her to make sure to put some foot powder in her boots so they would stay fresh smelling.  (I grew up in the north. I know what can happen to boots over a season.)  She asked me what she should buy.   Hmmmm -it’s been so long since I bought it, I’m not really sure. The nerd in me decided to do a little research online and see what she should pick up.  That’s when I stumbled across Rocket Pure.


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My Daughter’s Winter LL Bean Boots

What caught my attention and made me visit their website was the fact that they use natural ingredients in their  deodorizing foot and shoe powder.  I consider myself “natural-ish”.   I try to use natural ingredients whenever possible, but I buy what works the best.  To this point I had always bought foot powder for shoes like Dr. Scholl’s, but I was intrigued. I read the product information. Here is what their website says about the foot powder:

Natural Lemon Deodorizing Foot Powder – Rocket Pure

“Fights foot and shoe odor, freshens feet, sports shoes, and sneakers. Deodorant powder can go directly on feet, or in shoes and socks.  Made in the U.S.A. of natural ingredients, no harsh or toxic chemicals, paraben free. Made of cornstarch, bamboo stem powder and essential oils of cedarwood, clary sage and rosemary. Rocket Pure Guarantee: 100% Satisfaction for the Lifetime of the Product, or 100% Refund or Replacement.”

Image from Rocket Pure Website
Photo: Rocket Pure Website

After reading the reviews it seemed lots of people liked the “lemon” scented powder. Lemon scented deodorizing foot and shoe powder? I don’t know. Doesn’t that seems like a strange scent? I decided to send an email to the company asking about the scents they had available and if they had samples. I had a response within hours from the founder of  Rocket Pure – Alex.  Talk about great customer service!

I explained I wanted to find some foot powder for winter boots, and although their lemon scent had great reviews, I couldn’t imagine it.   He said he would be happy to send my daughter a sample of a couple of the scents at school and she could see what she liked.  She had the samples within just a few days.  He even followed up with me via email that week and asked for my feedback on the product – positive or negative.  Okay, I thought, I’m already loving this company.  I hope the product is good because I wanted to buy it just because his customer service was so great.

My daughter tried the lemon and cedar scents, one a deodorizing foot and shoe powder and one a spray, for a week.  She really liked the lemon scent and said she thought the powder worked better than the spray for her winter boots.  I was really grateful that he had sent the samples because it saved me money, and the hassle of returning or exchanging a product she may not have liked.

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My Husband’s Running Shoes

We purchased the Lemon Foot and Shoe Deoderizing Powder for her in Boston and I decided to try the Eucalyptus Foot and Shoe Deodorizing Powder for my husband’s running shoes here in Atlanta. Both have worked great!  I am super happy with their foot powder!  The bonus for us is that, since the ingredients are natural, I’m sure we’ll also be using it all summer inside our flats (here is an article you may be interested in if you wear flats) and sandals because it can go directly on our feet, not just get sprinkled into our shoes.

I also bought the Tea Tree and Lemon Grass Natural Hand and Food Balm.   I like the clean scent of tea tree oil and the website mentioned it was great on dry heels (which truth be told we all get a bit of in the winter, right?)  I honestly haven’t used it on my feet yet, but promise I will try it soon.  What I have used it on is my hands, specifically  dry areas on the back of my hands, and around my cuticles to keep my nails looking nice. It comes in a convenient little tin, and when you open it you just have to swipe a little of it because it smells so nice and looks so smooth.  Its convenient and super moisturizing.

Anyone who reads this blog should know that I only share information here that I’ve personally tested.  I do not receive compensation for any of my opinions, and I’m very picky;)   Rocket Pure is really a great product.  The foot powder works great for northern winter boots, stinky running shoes, and it feels nice on bare feet.

If you haven’t tried Rocket Pure Deodorizing Foot and shoe Powder yet, and you’re a runner, have kids (or a spouse ) who are athletes, or have kids with sweaty little feet (LOL) consider giving it a try.  I love that it smells fresh and clean without heavy perfumes and that we are using natural ingredients and not a bunch of chemicals on our skin.   I also love that my laundry room, where everybody keeps their smelly shoes, doesn’t smell like a high school locker room anymore – bonus!

Here’s a link to Rocket Pure.  If you’re looking for some foot powder give them a try – and let me know what you think!



Casual flower arrangements

Recently we invited some friends for an outdoor dinner party. I wanted it to have a casual farmhouse theme and was trying to think of way to make the table reflect that, without spending too much money. So…I reached into my stash of… old liquor bottles. Yes. I. Did.

Every year when some type of liquor gets finished, particularly around the holidays, I look at the bottle before I toss it and decide if I like the shape or color, or if I think I can use it for flowers, candles, etc. Small and large Patron bottles are my favorites;) I love the clear glass, the imperfect handmade look, the handwritten stickers on the back as well as the shape and sizes. They are perfect for adding some greenery or baby’s breath (or both) to a table when you don’t want a large arrangement. When I use large arrangements on a table I usually end up moving them to a side board when we sit down because we need the room to put dishes of food, and because they often block my view of guests at the table.

Small arrangements can make a table look casual and finished. I’ve included a few photos here to give you an idea of how I used the Patron bottles this weekend. I have my eye on a tall blue gin bottle in the cabinet right now:)Apparently we’ll be making gimlets for guests this fall because that blue will look amazing on a spring table!

I’m sure you have bottles in your house that you could use for flowers. It doesn’t always have to be liquor bottles. Old milk bottles you found at a flea market, large glass bottles from tomato sauce, even jelly jars work great! (I also love to use tomato sauce jars filled with water to clean my watercolor brushes.) Recycle and reuse is my tip for today!

Simple Modern Quilts

I decided to teach myself to sew a few years ago.  I started with pillowcases, receiving blankets and simple children dresses and pants. My favorite part was always the fabric! A few years ago I had the opportunity to try quilting. I really enjoyed it, but needed to really get more skill with the techniques used. My best friend and I decided to take a class this past summer and we have been absolutely hooked ever since. Sewing with a friend has made all the difference because we kept each other on track.  We finished our quilt for class and immediately started on a second quilt (the one you see above).  We are now thinking about fabric for our third.  I’m not sure I will have time to finish another one until spring, but it’s fun to be looking at ideas and thinking about colors.  We share pins we find and shop for fabric together. We push each other to get things done each week.  well.  I will post some of our quilting endeavors here as well as patterns and fabrics we love. Hope you enjoy this little corner and will share your quilts and fabric love!

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