Casual flower arrangements

Recently we invited some friends for an outdoor dinner party. I wanted it to have a casual farmhouse theme and was trying to think of way to make the table reflect that, without spending too much money. So…I reached into my stash of… old liquor bottles. Yes. I. Did.

Every year when some type of liquor gets finished, particularly around the holidays, I look at the bottle before I toss it and decide if I like the shape or color, or if I think I can use it for flowers, candles, etc. Small and large Patron bottles are my favorites;) I love the clear glass, the imperfect handmade look, the handwritten stickers on the back as well as the shape and sizes. They are perfect for adding some greenery or baby’s breath (or both) to a table when you don’t want a large arrangement. When I use large arrangements on a table I usually end up moving them to a side board when we sit down because we need the room to put dishes of food, and because they often block my view of guests at the table.

Small arrangements can make a table look casual and finished. I’ve included a few photos here to give you an idea of how I used the Patron bottles this weekend. I have my eye on a tall blue gin bottle in the cabinet right now:)Apparently we’ll be making gimlets for guests this fall because that blue will look amazing on a spring table!

I’m sure you have bottles in your house that you could use for flowers. It doesn’t always have to be liquor bottles. Old milk bottles you found at a flea market, large glass bottles from tomato sauce, even jelly jars work great! (I also love to use tomato sauce jars filled with water to clean my watercolor brushes.) Recycle and reuse is my tip for today!

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